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Signature Incense Dish - Gloss White
Signature Incense Dish - Gloss White

Signature Incense Dish - Gloss White

We have joined creative forces once more with the delightful Carys to bring you our latest Signature piece - our Incense Dish. Hand crafted and designed especially for our Lunar family, we are so excited to share our latest ritual tool.

The element of fire represents our own inner light, the Divine fire that burns in every soul. We use fire to forge our own inner flame with that of our ancestors and those of the higher realms.

In days of old, you would have had a hearth to tend to, or open fire in the forest and fields, but modern day living has taken us away from this ritual somewhat. Lighting incense brings the ritual of flame, burning and smoke into our present time, and allows you to partake in this ancient ritual in the convenience of your own space.
Our Signature Incense Dish provides you with a mini altar to call in the fire element. Simply place your incense onto the dish, and allow it to collect the ash.

Our minimal, earthy design means our dish will compliment every home or altar.

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