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Peach Stilbite on Black Chalcedony Chalice
Peach Stilbite on Black Chalcedony Chalice
Peach Stilbite on Black Chalcedony Chalice

Peach Stilbite on Black Chalcedony Chalice

Weight approximately: 1.609kg
Measurements approximately: 13cm x 12cm

Black Chalcedony
Connects to the Root Chakra
Balance | Stability | Protection | Grounding | Releasing | Self Reflection

Black Chalcedony has a stabilising energy that helps to ground you both mentally and emotionally. Its grounding energy aids with self reflection work, gaining a deep insight into any negative emotions and fears that are holding you back. Black Chalcedony balances your energy field, aiding you to feel supported and secure in the actions you take in your life. Black Chalcedony helps you to stay grounded, to remain cool, calm and collected. If you feel yourself becoming unsettled by life, grab your Black Chalcedony crystal, kick your shoes off, stand barefoot in nature and draw that strong, grounding energy from the earth.

Connects to the Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakra
Calming | Clarity | Inner Peace | Insomnia | Self Care

This soft and delicate crystal resonates with the vibration of Universal Love, helping to open up your heart. Holding a piece of Stilbite reminds you that you are loved and cared for regardless of your circumstances. Stilbite aids in overcoming any fear or loss you may be experiencing in your life. It’s calming influence brings inner peace and in meditation it gently expands your consciousness. It is a wonderful support crystal if you are feeling overwhelmed with too many tasks or have difficulty making decisions. It aids in clearing your mind of unconscious clutter, creating a state of clear, positive thoughts and helps your mind to focus.

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