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Green Wavellite Cluster
Green Wavellite Cluster

Green Wavellite Cluster

Weight approximately: 208g
Measurements approximately: 8cm x 5.5cm

The Truth Seeker Stone 
Connects to the Crown and Heart Chakra 
Authenticity | Courage | Discovery | Inner Healing | Intuition | Unity 

I deeply feel that these pieces are going to help you find truth and authenticity on your journey. They help with self exploration and discovery, helping to uncover your truest divine purpose.

The energy held within these crystals is so beautifully supportive, and being in their presence, I feel ready to accomplish all of my goals and dreams.

Wavellite is perfect if you’re looking to build inner confidence and courage, if you’re seeking a deeper self-understanding and you need encouragement along the way. It will help you heal past life cycles that are halting progress and causing fear and blocks in this lifetime.

Ethically unearthed in the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas USA