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Cleansing Ritual

This is a foundation cleansing ritual that can be performed weekly or whenever you feel your home or space needs to be cleansed of any unwanted energy. I encourage you to use this as a guide only, and to incorporate any and all ideas that appeal to your own personal ritual.

- Close all doors and windows

- Put desired amount of herbs in fire/proof pot, light them and blow out flame.

- Once herbs starts to smolder, close your eyes, call upon your guides or simply the energies of the Universe, and set your intentions for the cleanse. I like to ask for any negative or dull energy that may be attached to my aura to be removed.

- Work your way around the room, allowing the smoke to fill the space. Focusing on any dark corners and reflective surfaces, like mirrors, TVs etc.

- I like to recite this incantation:
‘Into this smoke I release any fears, negativity or limitations so that I can shine with my highest possible vibration. Any energy or being not in alignment with love, let it be cleansed and released into the light.'

- Repeat in all rooms

- Once finished, open all doors and windows and ask for your space to be filled with (whatever your intentions were) while thanking your guides/Universal energies

- Close doors and windows once smoke has cleared