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Cleansing FAQ

How do I cleanse my house? 

I have created a simple cleansing practice to follow, which you can read
These are the basic steps that I follow, while adding my own personal touch to it. 

How often should I cleanse?

I encourage you to listen to your intuition when it comes to cleansing and each person’s cleansing practice will look slightly different. However I do always recommend that when you begin to feel that dull or negative energy creeping back in - its time to get out your favourite blend and get smudging! 

Do I always have to cleanse my whole house?

Absolutely not, you can just cleanse a certain room, yourself, your crystals or just have some burning in our Signature Smudging Bowl while you unwind for the day. 

What is the best way to light the herbs? 

Get yourself a long handled lighter so you don't burn yourself, light the herbs, blow out flame and begin cleansing.

What should I burn them in?

A fire proof bowl. We recommend our Signature Smudging Bowl which is bespoke to Lunar Vibrations, which you can find

How much of the herb blend do I use?

This is entirely dependant on the size of the area you will be cleansing and how much smoke you would like to achieve. 

Until you get familiar with how much herbs are needed for your own space, I recommend using less to begin with. You can always add more as you go! 

Is it true you’re suppose to go in a clockwise direction?

It is said that cleansing in a anti clockwise direction is for dispersing the negative energy and cleansing in a clockwise direction is for absorbing positive energy.

I personally have always cleansed in a clockwise direction, because thats what I feel drawn to do. I know regardless of my direction, my intentions are clear whist performing my cleansing ritual. 

I hear mixed opinions on whether you should close your doors and windows while cleansing or not, what is true? 

Again, I feel this comes down to what feels right for you in your cleansing ritual. I like to have all doors and windows closed while I'm smudging to allow the negative and unwanted energy to stick to the smoke. Once finished, I open all doors and windows until all the smoke has cleared. 

Once I have finished my jar of herbs, do I have to purchase another jar?

No, we do offer refills!
We wanted to offer a sustainable option for you all, so you don’t have to continue throwing away our jars. When you receive your first order there will be a card included with instructions on how to order a refill. Our refill bags 100% recyclable.

Is your White Sage sourced sustainably? 

Yes, the White Sage we use in our blends are wild harvested, which is the most sustainable and natural way to harvest any kind of crop, even better than organic farming, as the plant is able to just grow where it pleases with no agricultural farming practises in place. The White Sage grows naturally/wild on dedicated land in California. The White Sage we source is sustainably harvested in compliance with CA PC384(a).