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My Journey

My spiritual awakening happened in 2016 when I was 20 years old. I was in a long-term relationship, and was managing a waxing salon in Brisbane. After 18 months, I was promoted to manager, looking after 8 therapists. Not long after my promotion, it became evident that my boss had unrealistic expectations and my working life became extremely toxic due to her negative mindset and crippling pressure. Needless to say, my mental health declined rapidly resulting in severe anxiety and the inability to perform basic tasks, like giving my team the support they needed. I was broken and felt lonely, isolated and unsupported. 

One particularly difficult day, one of my girls handed me a crystal and told me to put it in my bra. I was open minded, but doubted a stone in my bra would do anything but make me uncomfortable. But I was about to be proven wrong! Within 10 minutes of putting the pink tumbled crystal in my bra, I felt a calming energy wash over me and that is the precise moment I woke up.

I went home that night and researched all that I could about crystals, their healing properties and how to use them, This promoted the beginning of my (now) huge crystal collection. Even though the crystals were helping me overall, I was still feeling mentally unwell, and began to spiral into depression. I knew that I couldn't benefit from my crystals fully until I made some drastic changes.

So I quit my job. I knew that my wellness depended on it and the fear of my rapidly declining mental health outweighed the fear of unemployment. In an instant, I felt lightness, like a physical weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt like I could breathe again.

I’m sure you can guess the next part! Quitting my job was just a bandaid and the euphoria very short lived. Once the relief faded I was left with my darkness, and in fact all of the other broken pieces of my life became very apparent. My relationship wasn't in a great place, my confidence was at an all time low, and I was completely lost without a job to go to.

It was around this time that my Mum called me offering to give me $200 to kick-start a small online crystal and dream catcher business. My initial reaction was total resistance - who was I to be helping people with crystals, being only new to this spiritual journey? But just beyond that block, I felt a calling, like this path was exactly what I needed to be on. So I listened to that quiet inner voice, trusting its truth and founded Lunar Vibrations in April 2017.

Everything was going well, with me having a sales platform on Instagram and Facebook. The business was growing, my website launched and I began to contribute financially to the household again. My spiritual journey was also expanding and my growth through healing was exciting. This was a wonderful period of learning for me!

However, unbeknownst to me, spirit had a major shift awaiting me. An overseas work contract for my partner resulted in me moving home to Toowoomba for a short amount of time while we sorted through the inner details. But it was while I was back home that I realised that I was no longer happy in my relationship. My spiritual awakening saw me changing and growing and I needed time to figure out the women I was becoming. Sadly I knew it wasn’t in alignment with my partner. On a deeper level I had known this for some time but the fear of starting over kept me from my truth. But that is exactly what I needed, so I found the courage to honour that feeling and made the hard decision of walking away from the relationship.

I thought I had seen rock rock bottom - I didn't realise that there was another, deeper, layer!

I was raw, bare, vulnerable, exposed. I couldn't avoid the healing process any longer, I had to feel ALL of the feelings and work through a LOT of pain, trauma and fear. And, I still do that now, although it has definitely become easier with time.

Lunar took a backseat for a little while, so I could focus on my wellness. I started to feel more balanced again and everything started to feel lighter. I began managing another salon and continued Lunar on the side, being careful not to overload my delicate mental wellbeing. The more I stepped into my truth and allowed my passion to infuse into Lunar, the clearer my vision became. I fine tuned the running of Lunar and became very selective of the crystals I stocked as I grew into confidence and had a clearer understanding of my message. April 2019 saw my first international order of Black Chalcedony from a small, ethically run family business in India. I fell in love with the beauty and uniqueness of these pieces, and felt a calling to exclusively stock crystals of this quality and vibration. 

This also encouraged me to embrace Lunar full time in July 2019, so I resigned from my salon job to give all of my heart and soul to Lunar. It was scary, exciting, daunting, and overwhelming, but I knew that by listening to my heart, I was honouring my true calling.
Lunar continually evolves and grows with me in a very organic way and I love the fluid nature of our relationship. I am so excited for all that is yet to unfold, and I am just as excited to be able to share this journey with you. 

Lots of love,
Triss xx