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Signature Smudging Wand
Signature Smudging Wand

Signature Smudging Wand

You will receive one of our Signature Smudging Wands. Each wand is intuitively chosen by Lunar Vibrations to ensure that they are given to their true custodian. 

We love designing with other spiritually minded creatives, and our brand new Wands are the perfect example of that. We have teamed up with Tania from Rustic Elements to create this smudging tool.

The handle is a beautiful piece of twisted selenite - chosen for its pure connection to spirit and as the ideal base for cleansing and purifying. The copper element acts as a conduit for the energy, transferring from your palm chakra into the Wand. We have represented the connection to our great Mother Gaia with the use of silver and brass oxidised metal leaves. 

The sustainably sourced feathers in our Signature colours are the perfect air element - moving the smoke throughout your space as you cleanse. 
Smudging is an ancient tradition used during ritual or ceremony to cleanse and clear the energy of a particular space. 

The spirit of the birds in the feathers used combined with the other elements our our Signature Smudging Wands create the perfect tool for you to use in your own smudging practice.

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